Use NCS expert with BMW E92 (manual gearbox) to change comfort blink and automatic door lock

BMW uses quite a number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in the cars, and to change the BMW E92 set-up or update settings , you will need to install a number of fairly low level tools for Windows. One of the best all-in-one installations I’ve found is described here: .

A least 3 tools are needed to get around the updates, settings or changes , you might need: WinKFP to update ECU firmware ( like flashing the engine control unit back to stock set-up ), NCS Expert to change parameters for the ECUs and INPA to do f.ex. error memory read/reset, info on new battery.

Furthermore a K+DCAN cable is needed to connect from a notebook USB port to the ODBC connector of the car. How-to info to install the K+DCAN cable is here: K+DCAN_Installation

Here I just describe how to use the NCS Expert to change the comfort blink to go 3 times, and to disable the automatic door lock when driving.

The big challenge when changing parameter for a specific function, is to identify the ECU and the parameters to be changed.  Here Google search is the best way to find experience from other people or forums.

Specifically for setting the comfort blinks for the BMW E92, the CAS (Car Access) ECU is used, and for changing the automatic door lock, the NFRM ECU is used.

Here it is goes, make sure the car battery is fully charged:

Disengage the clutch, push in the ignition key and press the Start/stop button.

Connect the K+DCAN cable to the ODBC connector and to a notebook USB port.

Start the INPA program to check that the Ignition and Battery indicators both are in on state.

Start the NCS Expert program.

Load NCS Expert profile ”Feature coding”. Find the profile here: Feature_coding ( rename the file to Feature_coding.pfl and save it to: C:\NCEXPER\PFL )

Press F2: “Chassis” (choose E89) , then F1: VIN/ZCS/FA and then F3: “ZCS/FA f. ECU”

The menu “Choose ECU” is shown  with the two main control unit categories, CAS (Car Access) and FRM (Foot Well module). Select CAS for comfort blink or FRM for aut. door lock

Note the values for the fields: Chassis, FG og FA , they must all have values. FG is the BMW chassis number with an added checkvalue. FA is option list for the actual ECU.

Press F6: “Back”

– All values for the CAS or FRM ECU modules are saved in C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC

– For safety reasons, copy  C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC to another location

Press F4: “Process ECU”

Choose the specific ECU main module: CAS for the aut. door lock and NFRM for comfort blink.

Presss F2: “Change job” AND choose CODIERDATEN_LESEN

Press F3: “Execute job”  to read the parameters for the selected ECU

– The C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC file now holds the parameters from the actual ECU.

– For safety , copy  C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC for the specific ECU elsewhere.

– Open C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.TRC with Notepad


– To disable the automatic door lock for the CAS ECU, change the following parameters to the value: nicht_aktiv



– To change the comfort blink to 3 blinks for the NFRM ECU, change the following parameters to the value: wert_02



– Save the file as C:\NCEXPER\WORK\FSW_PSW.MAN

Press F2: “Change job” AND choose SG_CODIEREN

Press F3: “Execute job”  to program the modified parameters the actual ECU

Turn of ignition and disconnect the ODBC module .

Turn on ignition and drive the car to check the changes.