Asus RT-N12 wireless bridge

As our Panasonic TV works best with wired connection for Internet access, I needed a wireless bridge (or a wireless end point) with RJ-45 ethernet cabling. The set-up looks like this:

The good quality 300n routers have become rather cheap ( got a new Asus RT-N12 D1 for 20 Euro ). With the appropriate Tomato firmware, it can work as a simple wireless bridge. The D1 version of Asus RT-N12 is the most recent hardware version with 8 MB space for the firmware. The first version of Asus RT-N12 without suffix (e.g. no B1, C1 or D1) has 4 MB space for the firmware, but also works out OK with a minimum version of the Tomato firmware.

1.Connect an UTP cable from one of the LAN port to a PC LANconnector.
2.Keep the Restore button for 20 seconds while adding DC power tothe router.
3.After another 20 seconds, start a browser and goto (or the router IP you might have set up earlier)
4.The Broadcom CFE miniWeb server page shows up:

For the old version of Asus RT-N12 , you will need this firmware: Tomato-mini

For the Asus RT-N12-D1, use this Tomato firmware: Tomato-max
5. Choose the firmware file and click upload, and the firmware
flashing goes on. The received file size shown is for the “Tomato-max” firmware.!

6. Goto and enter login: admin and password: admin

7. Goto the menu Tomato Adminstration -> configuration and
select the option: “Erase all data NVRAM memory..” and click OK.:

8. Now we need to configure the Tomato to work as a wireless bridge in the Basic -> Network menu.

In this case, an Android smart phone with hot-spot enabled works as the host router.

The host router gateway IP and DNS are Choose an IP for the bridge in case you want go into the Tomato admin page later on, here is chosen. Wireless mode is “Wireless ethernet bridge” . The SSID and password is exactly what you use on the host router. Press save for the new configuration to be activated.

This is it, to bridge your host router by wireless, connect the UTP wired device(s) to one of the four LAN ports on the rear side of the router.


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