Tiny 6 amp H-bridge break-out

A 6 amp H-bridge using the Infinion IFX9201H

For a home robot project, I found the Infinion IFX9201H , a small SMD 6 Amp┬áH-bridge , with motor supply voltage in the range 8V..36V and a PWM switching frequency up to 20 KHz. Control interface is “direct control signals” or SPI.

On the left is the supply and motor connector. On the right side is the connector for 3V..5V control signals. A number of extra plate through holes are made to conduct heat from the bottom side of the chip to the PCB bottom side ground plane. The PCB was manufactored by Seeedstudio.com

The schematic and board design was made in Eagle. The Eagle IFX9201H library is here: IFX9201.lbr The diode D1 is for reverse supply safety only.

The IFX9201H data sheet is available here: IFX9201H DS